Lisa’s IVF story

One of the best parts of my job is getting to know my clients and listening their stories. I truly feel honoured to meet such lovely families and feel privileged that they are happy to share their experiences with me.

Here’s Lisa’s story, thankyou so much for sharing it with us x x x

After suffering with really painful and irregular periods I went to the doctors and found out that I wasn’t ovulating, so they investigated me further and found that my Fallopian tubes were blocked and actually wrapped around my ovaries meaning that the chances of me ever conceiving naturally was impossible. I couldn’t ever imagine my life without a family, and we were so grateful to be given opportunity to have IVF.

The start of the process was difficult and confusing as there was so much information and instructions to follow such as injecting myself in my tummy every night for a month at the exact same time; being someone who’s always had a fear of needles this wasn’t an easy task! However I knew it would all be worth it in the end. I am so lucky to have a good partner and family around me who helped and supported through this whole process.

After a month of injecting we went back to my clinic where they checked the growth of my eggs (the injections stimulate the ovaries and cause eggs to grow to a good size) at first they wasn’t quite big enough but by the time they were extracted I had 8 eggs which were a good enough size to be used. I had to undergo a small procedure to have my eggs extracted. Once the eggs were fertilized I had another procedure to have it implanted. There was an anxious 10 day wait to find out if I was pregnant and we were both really deflated to find out it hadn’t worked first time around.

We had to go through the whole process again as we needed more eggs as the ones I had extracted previously weren’t a good enough quality to be used. Going through the whole process again was really difficult for me and my partner; the stress, anxiety and desperation for it too work was really testing on the both of us, but we got through it and once again I went back to the clinic for the extraction process.

I was told to do a pregnancy test after 10 days but for some reason this time just felt different, I did a test a few days earlier than I was told and was completely shocked and overwhelmed to find I was pregnant! I can’t put into words the feeling I felt that day. A few weeks after I had a early scan at the clinic, my emotions that day were full of worry and excitement. Finally there it was on screen a little heartbeat flickering away that’s when it all became real. Me and my partner were overwhelmed and couldn’t be happier.

The whole pregnancy felt like it went really quick and before we knew it our little miracle baby boy Ronnie was here he was perfect and the love we instantly had for him was amazing. He is worth everything we went through.

Beautiful little Ronnie was a superstar at his newborn session!