Is it too late for my newborn photos?
Is it too late for my newborn session?

Is it too late for my newborn photos?

Is my baby too old for newborn photos?
The current lockdown situation in the UK doesn’t stop baby’s being born. They arrive whatever the situation! Obviously its not possible to have newborn photos done right now, with all non-essential businesses being closed but please don’t feel that you will miss out.
The question I’m getting asked a lot at the moment, ” is my baby going to be too old for sleepy newborn photos”.
My answer is always the same. We can definitely create beautiful newborn style photos with babies that are more than a few days old. In fact they can be 12-13 weeks old and still get sleepy newborn photos, it just takes a little forward planning and a lot of extra patience. Whist I can’t guarantee sleepy shots as every baby is so different, I will certainly try my very best for you. *Scroll down for example images of ‘older’ babies*

How to prepare for the session.
There are a few ways you can help prepare for an older newborn photo session.
• From about 6 weeks baby starts to fall into a rhythm with naps, this means you have a better idea when your baby is most likely to be sleepy and we can plan the session around this time.
• Have lots of awake time before the session. Its not always possible but try to have some awake fun time before the session.
• Babies sleep best on a full tummy. A good feed at the start of the session will fill those tummy’s and help make baby sleepy. If you use a dummy, have to to hand as it can help to settle baby.
• Undress baby and have them simply wrapped in a blanket so that we don’t have to unsettle them by taking clothes off when they are sleepy.
• Last but not least allow time, time to relax and really enjoy the photoshoot. The session can take an hour or it could take 4 hours, it just depends on the baby on the day. If we are unsuccessful in getting baby to sleep, I will focus on capturing beautiful images that showcase your baby’s little character perfectly.

What to expect during the session.

Whether your baby is a few weeks old or a few months old you can expect a fun, relaxed and stress free photoshoot. I have almost ten years experience with newborns and have photographed well over five hundred now.

Sessions are done in your own home so all you need to do is sit comfortably, drink tea and relax whilst I photograph your adorable baby. I have lots of tricks up my sleeve to ensure we get great photos for you to cherish.

There will be plenty of time to capture those important memories, please stay safe and enjoy the time with your new family. When the time is right, get in touch and we can book that all-important photoshoot.

Bye for now

Teresa x x

Look at these gorgeous images of ‘older’ babies that I have captured.

Quinn – 5 weeks old
Rion – 14 weeks old
Amelia & Amaya – 6 weeks old
Aaminah – 5 weeks old
Enrico – 5 weeks old
Rion – 14 weeks old
Poppy – 4 weeks old
Elon – 6 months old

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