What is a newborn session?

A newborn photo session is a gentle, calm, slow session where I persuade your sleeping baby to curl up into gorgeous poses to create adorable images. I will start by getting baby sleepy and happy, maybe wrap her snuggly. I will get to know your baby, what she likes to do, what she doesn’t, and will ensure she is happy throughout.

Where will the session take place?

Sessions are done on the comfort of your own home. I cover a fifteen mile radius of Hitchin fee of charge, anything further with require a small travel fee.

How much does a session cost?

I pride myself on offering transparent pricing so rest assured that there are no hidden extras and I certainly will not be pushy or use hard sales techniques. Click here for package details and pricing www.teresaflanaganphotography.com/newborn

When do newborn sessions happen?

Newborns change very fast, and so its best to capture those magical early days as soon as possible. Within the first 2 weeks is best because much after that babies wake more easily, and become less curly. For various reasons I will occasionally agree to photograph a slightly older newborn, it may require a little more patience and skill but is totally possible!

When should I book in?

Its best to book as soon as you can after your first scan. This ensures your slot when baby arrives. If you left it until baby arrives I may not have space to fit you in during busy times. I use your due date to book you in, and schedule your session in when baby arrives, no matter if she is early or late.

My baby is already born, is it too late to have a session?

That depends on how old baby is when you contact us, and if we have any available last minute slots. I can occasionally accommodate last minute bookings, so it’s always worth asking. 

Why can it take up to 4 hours?

Unlike a more traditional studio photo session that might take an hour, I do things very differently. Baby runs the show, and everything is done at her pace. We take time to settle, feed, change, cuddle and soothe. Then when I start the posing its all done slowly and gently and I don’t clock watch, and I won’t rush baby.

Will you be handling my baby?

Yes, throughout the session I will handle your baby. I’ll settle her, pose her and create the images you hope for. If she needs you then of course I’ll hand her back, but its best we get to know each other for me to achieve the poses I am known for. All you need to do is sit back and relax.

Is it safe?

In short, yes. Your baby’s safety and comfort is my top priority. I take great care to watch her temperature, circulation and comfort are never compromised. Newborn safety and posing is something that I have been highly trained to do. I have almost ten years experience as a newborn photographer so you and baby are in safe hands. I am also a Mum to three little girls so I completely understand how precious your baby is to you.

My baby has very flaky skin. Is this a problem?

Absolutely not. Almost all newborns have flaky skin to some extent, and I am skilled in reducing how much is visible in the images if you’d like me to. However, I find that as its a uniquely new baby feature thats completely normal, its nice to leave some to show how new your baby was when the images were taken.

What if I don’t like some poses?

I do a wide range of poses and set ups, and I understand that they may not appeal to everyone. When you book you are sent a questionnaire so that I can find out your preferences in regard to poses, colours and any special requests.

What if my baby cries or doesn’t settle?

Many parents worry ahead of their session that their baby will cry and I won’t be able to get the images they hope for. Rest assured that the session is very calm and relaxed, and that includes the baby. All newborns cry sometimes, and if your baby does I will take my time and make sure he is happy again with feeding or winding, just as you would. Babies I am posing sometimes squeak a little when moved while asleep, but you don’t need to worry about him screaming and preventing the session from running smoothy. In nearly 10 years this has only ever happened when baby was poorly, and we simply rescheduled. If for any reason I feel he is unhappy with what I am doing, I will stop. No image is more important than his comfort.

Will you use a dummy?

All newborns are different, and some react to being moved while asleep more than others. Sometimes I do find that giving baby a dummy can really help with calming and settling a baby who likes to suck for comfort. It is sometimes worth having a dummy on hand and if I feel it might be just what baby needs, I will let you know. If your baby hasn’t ever had a dummy rest assured that using one for a couple of minutes throughout the session will not cause any nipple or feeding confusion. However, he is your baby, so if you’d rather not use one then thats fine too.

What if my baby makes a mess on your things?

If I am photographing your baby without a nappy, it is highly likely that they will make a mess. This is totally normal, and it really isn’t a problem. Again, it is totally your choice whether you would like baby naked in some of the shots or of you would prefer me to keep their nappy on.

Can we have photos with our baby?

Absolutely. I am always happy to include a few shots of parents and siblings. If you are hoping to include any extended family members in the session please ask me in advance as this may require an extra charge. Please note that parent and sibling shots are not including in a mini session, this is for baby only.  

How do we prepare for the session?

When you book you’ll receive information on how to prepare to ensure the session runs smoothly. I will bring everything with me so all you need to do is relax and enjoy the experience.

When is my session likely to be?

Once you have contacted me to confirm that baby has arrived, I will inform you of my availability within the next two weeks and we can agree on a suitable day. Sessions are normally done Monday to Friday mornings. If you wish to have a school age sibling involved in the session, you will need to organise for them to be at home for around an hour during the session.

Will I have enough space at my home?

Yes. I may need to move furniture around a little but I have worked in hundreds of different homes and we have always found space. I generally use a large framed beanbag to pose baby on as well as baskets so along as there is enough room for this and a studio light that is absolutely fine. 

How many images will I get?

How many I take depends on your baby on the day, but usually a full gallery contains between 20 and 30 hand edited images. This is with the exception of mini sessions which contain 10 images. 

How long does it take before we can see the photos?

Your package will be delivered to you within 28 days. If you are keen to see your images sooner, I am always happy to provide a sneak peek of a few of my favourites on my Facebook and Instagram pages a few days after your session. 

Can I order prints from you?

Yes. I use a professional print company that provides high quality prints and frames. My monitor is calibrated to match my suppliers print profile so ensure that your images are printed accurately.

You are not obliged to order anything from me and if you prefer to choose your own supplier that is not a problem at all. If you require any assistance with re-sizing or cropping your images, I am more than happy to help.

I pride myself on offering transparent pricing so rest assured that there are no hidden extras and I certainly will not be pushy or use hard sales techniques.